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January 30, 2014, 12:00

Forum on the plurality of the society

A forum on the plurality of society will be held on Thursday 30 January between 12:00 to 13:00, organized by the Icelandic Human Rights Centre, The Center for Gender Equality and the Multicultural and Information Centre and supported by the EU Progress Programme.

Margrét Steinarsdóttir, director of the Icelandic Human Rights Centre will discuss the EU’s regulations on discrimination.

Tryggvi Hallgrímsson, expert at the Centre for Gender Equality, reports on the results of a new study on discrimination in the job market.

Elsa Arnardóttir, Director of the Multicultural and Information Centre, introduces a new study on discrimination based on origin and plurality.

The seminar is held in three locations simultaneously: room 310 in Árnagarður, University of Iceland, in room L-101 at the University of Akureyri and at Árnagata 2-4, Ísafjörður.