Country Strategy Paper 2008-2013

The Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Ghana for the period 2008-2013 indicates that the available amount of EUR 367 million should preferably be spent on: General Budget Support (GSB) in support of Ghana’s economy and more particular to contribute to the funding of its national development or poverty reduction strategy, but also on governance related programmes and on improving the transport infrastructure of Ghana.

As a non-focal area the CSP mentions: the sustainable management of natural resources and the environment, as well as private sector and trade development.

An amendment was made to the CSP at the end of 2009, increasing the indicative amount from EUR 35 million to EUR 402 million. This followed a decision from the European Commission to make EUR 35 million extra available in terms of General Budget Support to assist the Ghanaian Government in its attempts to contain the global financial and economic crisis.

In the second half of 2009, the National Authorizing Officer and the Delegation conducted a mid-term review of the 10th EDF's strategy for Ghana, which led to a slight adjustment in sector allocations.

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