Winners of 2015 EU Prize for Journalism will be awarded on 20 January 2016 (15/12/2015)

Due to the high interest in this year's edition of the EU prize for Journalism, the EU Delegation has moved the date announcing the winners to 20 January 2016 to provide the jury more time to select winners in each of the 6 categories.   The award ceremony will take place in the Parliament library in Tbilisi.


The EU prize for Journalism is an annual event acknowledging journalistic integrity and professionalism in Georgia.  For 2015, winners in six categories will be selected:

a. Best investigative story in print or online media

b.    Best investigative TV and/or Radio coverage;

c.     Best online or print blog promoting vivid, balanced, fair, pluralistic debates about key social, economic, cultural issues, and indirectly able to illustrate EU values;

d.     The most informative online media (news agency, news web portal, online newspaper, online journal);

e.     Best documentary photo reflecting EU values (Human rights including minority rights, social justice, respect for human dignity, freedom of speech, democracy, equality and rule of law);

f.  The EUMM Peace Journalism Prize will be awarded separately to the best-balanced and unbiased articles in print, audiovisual or online media on the subject of conflicts.  Applications should clearly indicate that they are submitted for the EUMM Special Prize for Peace Journalism.

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