The Ambassador of the EU comments on the dissemination of secret audio recordings and Rustavi 2 case (02/11/2015)

Let me refer to the local EU statement of 26 October, expressing our concern regarding current political tension in Georgia. I would like to remind you that it contained a strong appeal to all political actors to refrain from further steps or statements that could increase tension and foster polarisation.

In line with this, allow me to react to information publicly available about intercepted conversations. Notwithstanding the questions about how they were made public, I would like to underline that we consider calls for violence unacceptable, no matter where and whom do they come from.

We strongly support further dialogue based on our shared principles, in full respect to rule of law as well as political and media pluralism in Georgia.

Consequently, I welcome recent statements by the Prime Minister and the President of Georgia and I commend also the calls for calm and restraint made by numerous political actors, including the opposition, as well as civil society and representatives of the media. We are ready to stay in contact with all of them as the EU continues following closely the matter.