Strategic Framework for Customs cooperation between EU and Georgia (18/03/2015)

The European Union and the Ministry of Finance of Georgia endorsed the "Strategic Framework for EU-Georgia Customs Cooperation", on March 18, in conjunction with the meeting of the first EU-Georgia Customs Sub-Committee in Tbilisi, chaired by Mr. Antonis Kastrissianakis, Director of the DG TAXUD, Directorate B - Security, Safety, Rules of Origin, Trade Facilitation and International Cooperation (in the photo).

The document was signed by the Georgian Minister of Finance, Mr. Nodar Khaduri and the Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, Mr. Pierre Moscovici.

The EU and Georgia have a mutual interest in developing stable and fruitful political, economic and social relations for the benefit of citizens. As an integral part of the economic and trade dialogue, EU-Georgia customs cooperation is important in facilitating legitimate trade and safeguarding of borders.

Within the cooperation priorities, the focus will be on the risk management and the fight against fraud, the creation of safe and fluid trade lanes, investments in customs modernisation and improvement of transit. The aim of the Strategic Framework is to achieve close convergence of legislation and procedures in line with the strategic objectives of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement.

The EU-Georgia Customs Sub-Committee is responsible for ensuring the overall implementation of the Association Agreement. It takes the appropriate decisions to carry out the jointly agreed actions and achieve the jointly agreed objectives.

Under the authority of the Sub-Committee, a Working Group composed of representatives from the EU Commission, interested Member States and Georgia sees to the regular and systematic follow-up of the specific objectives and activities under the Framework, establishes appropriate work programmes or roadmaps and organises monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

Mr. Antonis Kastrissianakis Director of "Security, Safety, Trade Facilitation, Rules of Origin and International Cooperation" of DG TAXUD chaired the first Customs sub-Committee