How to export your products to the EU

How to export to the EU? The Export Helpdesk, now available in Russian, informs you!

To facilitate the access to the EU market for potential exporters of the Eastern neighbourhood, the Russian version of the Export Helpdesk was launched on 26 November 2010. Please consult it at the following link:

The Export Helpdesk is an online service provided by the Commission to facilitate market access for developing countries to the European Union.

It offers information required by exporters interested in supplying the EU market. From labelling rules to import tariffs, through rules of origin; the Export Helpdesk offers information free of charge and in six languages : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and now in Russian as well.

The launch of the Export Helpdesk into Russian is an important step to better address the needs of the economic operators not only in the Eastern Partnership region but also in all countries where Russian remains an important vehicular language.

In 2009 the database received almost 35000 hits from the South Caucasus countries. It is a very valuable tool for economic operators willing to export their goods to the EU.