Services for journalists

In Egypt:

The Press and Information Section carries out a wide range of information and communication activities to raise awareness of the European Union and its role in Egypt.

The section organises regular press conferences and briefings for journalists, both local and international, in English and Arabic. We also issue regular press releases and statements on the EU's policies and activities. There are also regular launch events for projects, offering good photo opportunities for journalists.

The delegation has a number of general EU publications on a wide variety of topics. We look forward to welcoming you in our Information Centre for a face-to-face talk or for free surf through the EU documentation.

In Brussels

At EU headquarters, each policy area has its official Spokesperson. For example, there is an External Relations Spokesperson, a Trade Spokesperson, etc.
Commission Spokespersons are there to inform and facilitate journalists covering EU matters.

Click here for a complete list of the Commission Spokespersons.

Apart from European Commissioners and Directors-General that head the different sections, the Spokespersons are the only other EU officials who may speak to the press on behalf of the Commission, giving on-the-record quotes and background information.

They hold midday daily briefings for Brussels-based correspondents to present the latest news. These briefings can be followed live on Europe by Satellite (EBS). Go to the schedule and click on the event.

To get the EU news of the day, add RAPID to your favourites. This is the European Commission's press release website going back to 1985. The day's press releases are posted here within hours of release to the Brussels press.