The Sixth Framework Programme (FP6: 2002-2006) allowed increased opportunities for collaboration between Egyptian and European researchers. An important dimension of FP6 was International Cooperation (INCO), which funded specific projects involving developing and Mediterranean partner countries.

The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7: 2007-2013) has opened up new possibilities for international cooperation. All thematic areas are open for participation and funding of Egyptian partners. In addition, FP7 has Specific International Cooperation Actions (SICA) topics that target certain regional research priorities of common interest across Africa and the Mediterranean region.

Research collaboration in the Framework Programme (2002-2008) has focused on water resources management, cultural heritage preservation, food safety, solar energy, communicative diseases and information and communication technologies.

In FP6, over 90 Egyptian researchers participated in approximately 70 projects, receiving a funding from the EC of over €6.6 million. More than 30 Egyptians were selected to participate in the first two calls of FP7 (2007-2008).

List of Projects
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  2. Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology pdf - 75 KB [75 KB]
  3. Information and Communication Technologies pdf - 43 KB [43 KB]
  4. Nanotechnology pdf - 26 KB [26 KB]
  5. Energy pdf - 51 KB [51 KB]
  6. Water resources and Climate Change pdf - 57 KB [57 KB]
  7. Cultural Heritage pdf - 76 KB [76 KB]
  8. Transport pdf - 27 KB [27 KB]
  9. Socioeconomic Studies and Humanities pdf - 25 KB [25 KB]
  10. Marie Curie Actions – Mobility for Researchers pdf - 28 KB [28 KB]
  11. Capacities pdf - 35 KB [35 KB]

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