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“Joint research and education in life sciences are mutually beneficial and can lead to better life for us all.”  — Prof. GUO Deyin, Dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, WHU

Testimonial of Success: Joint Research and PhD Training in Life Sciences between the Wuhan University and the University of Helsinki pdf - 185 KB [185 KB]


"Research, Innovation and Science: Cooperation between EU Member States, Associated Countries, the European Union and China: A Testimony of Excellence"  pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

Priority fields of cooperation

  • Global climate and environmental issues and related fields such as clean-tech and clean energy; nanotechnology, ICT, forest research, 5G, sociology, human mind.

Joint institutes

  • The Sino-Finnish Center at Shanghai Tongji-university
  • Finnish Education Research Center, Beijing Normal university
  • Sino-Finnish Environmental Research Center at Nanjing University
  • Joint International Research Laboratory on Atmospheric and Earth System Sciences, Nanjing University
  • Sino-Finland Life Sciences Centre at Wuhan University
  • ICT Alliance between Tivit Ltd. and Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Communications
  • Fudan Nordic Centre at Fudan University
  • Key national level partners for operational S&T co-operation in China are MOST, MoE, NSFC, CAS, CASS, , CEAIE and China Scholarship Council.

Information on bilateral agreements

  • Partnership between the Academy of Finland and CAS, CASS and NSFC since 1982 (renewed 2004).
  • Several MoUs and LoIs between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Chinese Ministry for Education on inter alia co-operation in the field of education and science, signed 2006, 2009 and 2014.
  • International mobility of students and professionals is supported by the Finnish Centre for International Mobility (CIMO), and the CSC.
  • MoU on Nanotechnology cooperation between the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland (MEE) and Ministry of Science and Technology of China signed in 2011.
  • Co-operation focused on applied research and technology is looked after by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes.
  • Tekes cooperation agreements with a number of local Science and Technology Commissions.
  • Finnish universities engage in a wide range of co-operation with various partners in China.

Innovation related activities

  • The Finchi Innovation Centre in Shanghai and the Golden Bridge Innovation Centre in Helsinki provide support services for i.a. R&D co-operation between Finnish and Chinese companies. There are plans to further expand these activities.
  • "Team Finland" connects all the essential national actors of Finnish innovation system in China and provides foresight of the changes in the global innovation environment.

EU or multilateral joint initiatives

  • Some specific activities are conducted as multilateral co-operation schemes involving several partner countries. For instance, the Academy of Finland has launched joint calls for trilateral research projects with the NSFC and the German DFG. The Academy has also coordinated a trilateral Research Programme in Neuroscience between Finland, Canada, and China.


EURAXESS "Funding Guide for Researchers Mobility and Collaboration between Europe and China" 2015

  • Finland Distinguished Professor Programme – FiDiPro
  • Joint Finnish-Chinese Seminars – related to Finland-China research collaboration
  • Researchers' Mobility grants
  • Joint Research Projects – themes vary annually
  • Research Post as Postdoctoral Researcher – all disciplines
  • CIMO Fellowships – doctoral studies in Finland
  • Finnish government scholarship pool
  • CIMO China Programme – support to cooperation between higher education institutions
  • Foundations’ Post Doc Pool – grant resource for post doc studies abroad 


Scientific Country Profile Finland

Team Finland


Centre for International Mobility CIMO

Academy of Finland

Finnish Government Scholarship Pool