Welcome Letter from the Ambassador

Welcome Letter from the AmbassadorWelcome Letter from the Ambassador

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the website of the Delegation of the European Union to China. This website is intended as a source of information and news on the latest developments in EU-China relations, our cooperation projects, activities and contacts in China.

The EU is a unique political and economic integration of 28 countries who have decided to work together for greater prosperity, stability and peace. The EU is the world’s number one economy and integrated trade block, the biggest donor of economic aid and a major high-tech hub.

Over the past few years, our relationship with China has become closer and stronger, not just in the traditional areas of trade and investment, but increasingly by greater contacts between our two peoples through education, tourism and cultural exchanges. Continued and even closer cooperation between the European Union and China has been and will be crucial not only for China and the EU, but for the world's economic stability, growth, and security.

The EU and China share one of the world's largest trading relationships. Together we engage in over 1 billion euro worth of trade every day. It is no exaggeration to say that we have become so interdependent that neither partner can prosper without the other. The past financial crisis has only served to emphasize this point. Over the past years, Europe has made tremendous progress in strengthening the architecture of the Eurozone, taken measures at country- and EU level to ensure that public finances are put on a healthy path in the medium term when our population ages; to strengthen our banking system; and to spur potential growth in order to overcome the debt crisis. While the EU is gradually emerging from the crisis, it is too early for us to be complacent. The EU and China need to continue to work together as global partners to ensure a robust financial architecture and strive for a better balanced and sustainable growth model.

In 2013 we celebrated 10 years of EU-China Strategic Partnership. Together we engage in 60 dialogues which mean frequent and constant communication. At the 16th Summit we agreed on a long-term perspective for our strategic cooperation. We intend to build on last 10 years and look ahead to the next decade. We will further enhance cooperation on issues already well established – trade, urbanisation, water, energy, food security, cyber security, migration, security and defense – and discuss how cooperation can develop, also into new areas such as agriculture and maritime issues. Both sides are also working hard on the negotiations for an EU-China Investment Treaty to foster investments both to and from China, better matching our substantial trade flows. And the successful holding of the second High Level People to People Dialogue in Beijing on 6 September underscores the importance both China and EU attach also to fields such as culture and education.

We will continue to engage with China on human rights obligations and we will continue to make efforts to improve the quality and format of our Dialogue on Human Rights. The EU and China's work on the promotion of Rule of Law through cooperation projects and dialogue are very important in further strengthening our strategic partnership. We are looking forward to a dialogue with China also on these issues.

We will also continue to work together on maintaining global peace, conflict prevention, fighting piracy, and promoting non-proliferation. We have laid the foundations for a “Partnership on Sustainable Urbanisation”, which, after yielding its first results in 2012, continues to provide new business opportunities for both European and Chinese providers of advanced urban solutions, as they cooperate in building better cities and a better future for our peoples.

There are more areas of convergence than divergence between the EU and China and we need to bring this message also to our respective peoples.

I would like to invite all of you to work with us to continue to deepen our relationship, based on openness, transparency as well as strategic support for and patience with each other. As the new Head of Delegation, it is my mission to strengthen EU relations with China. I trust that together we will be able to build on interests, ambitions and goals we have in common to our mutual benefit.

I invite you to visit our website regularly and hope you will find it useful. We look forward to your involvement and if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your feedback will be very welcome.


Hans-Dietmar Schweisgut

Ambassador of the European Union to China