EU Film Festival

EUFF 2015: Experience Europe through the moving image

Ottawa: 20 November - 10 December

Toronto: 14 - 28 November

Vancouver: 27 November - 8 December

The European Union Film Festival (EUFF) is a singular rendez-vous for lovers of European cinema in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver - a unique occasion for Canadians from coast to coast to experience Europe's diverse and rich film heritage.
Every year, the EUFF presents a collection of exciting European film premieres and runs for two weeks in late November/early December. The EUFF is organized by the European Union Delegation to Canada, the Diplomatic Missions and cultural institutes of Member States in cooperation with Canadian film industry partners. The EUFF also enjoys the support of loyal moviegoers who, year after year, contribute to the success of the festival.

Whether highlighting a historic event, a political subject or a personal dilemma, European films are intellectually stimulating and culturally engaging. This is what makes European cinema so appealing.

The Ottawa Film Festival was founded in 1984 in collaboration with the Canadian Film Institute, a non-profit cultural organization and the oldest film institution in Canada. At the time, there were only 10 Member States. Over the years, as the EU embraced new members, the Film Festival grew with an even greater wealth of languages and cultures. Today, the EUFF is a well-established tradition in Ottawa with premieres from almost all 28 EU Member States.

The Vancouver EUFF began in 1997 and is brought to audiences on the western coast thanks to the dedication of Consulates and Honorary Consuls of EU Member States and our Canadian partners at the Pacific Cinémathèque Pacifique film society.

The most recent edition of the EUFF was set up in 2004 in Toronto. Thanks to efforts by EU Member State Consulates, Torontonians can now take part in this annual celebration of European cinema. Visit the Toronto EUFF website


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