Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of the European Union Delegation to Canada.

The European Union has a Strategic Partnership with Canada, a special and close relation that the European Union only has with nine other third countries worldwide. We have a strong bond with Canada. Our shared values are rooted in common cultural and historic experiences. Together, we are promoting and defending democratic principles, human rights, the rule of law and good governance around the world. Both bilaterally and multilaterally, we are seeking solutions to global problems.

We are strong trade and investment partners. Our partnership will intensify even more when the new Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) will come into force in the near future. CETA is the most ambitious agreement that the European Union will ever have concluded with a third country. It will boost trade, investments and jobs for both parties.

But European Union - Canada relations are about more much more than economics. We are currently negotiating also an ambitious Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) with Canada. SPA will provide an overall umbrella for the bilateral political relations and it will replace the 1976 Framework Agreement with a modern Treaty reflecting the major developments within the European Union in recent years.

The European Union and Canada cooperate closely and consult on a wide range of issues, from trade, transport and climate change to research, innovation, energy security, regional stability and education. The European Union and Canada have built a solid platform for foreign policy cooperation. Canada is a valued participant in the EU’s civilian and military missions under the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Canada and the European Union also join forces on electoral observation missions. The Arctic is a region where both Canada and the European Union are present, cooperate closely (i.e. research) and share similar strategies.

Throughout this site, you will find relevant information about the European Union, its institutions, policies and global actions. I also invite you to visit our Europe in Canada online directory and to drop us a line on our Facebook page. I am looking forward to your reactions.

Thank you for your interest in the European Union!

Marie-Anne Coninsx
Ambassador of the European Union to Canada