Public consultation on Smart Borders (08/09/2015)

On 29/07/2015 the European Commission has launched a public consultation on the Smart Borders-Communication Package.

The aim of the consultation is to collect views and opinions to underpin the on-going impact assessment of the Smart Borders package and the policy preparation of the revised proposal that will be tabled by the Commission. It is also to gather new ideas and knowledge, and to test existing ideas and analysis.

The Smart Borders package is one of the priorities included in the European Agenda on Migration adopted by the Commission on 13 May 2015.

The deadline for the consultation period will end on 29/10/2015.

Target group(s)

All citizens (EU nationals and non-EU nationals) and organisations are welcome to contribute. Contributions are sought from persons, Member States, EU Institutions, local, regional and national authorities, international organisations, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, third countries, social partners and civil society.

The Commission would in particular like to encourage members of the following target groups to participate:

  • Individuals, especially non-EU/third-country nationals that have travelled or intend to travel across the external borders of the Schengen area;
  • Public authorities, in particular EU Member States' authorities and Schengen States' authorities as well as third countries' authorities dealing with international cooperation on return and migration and/or data      exchange;
  • Organisations (including non-governmental and civil society organisations, academia, research bodies, social partners, interest  groups, consultancies, think tanks…), in particular having as a stated objective:
    • migrants and/or third-country nationals protection;
    • fundamental rights, privacy and data protection.
  • Carriers, transport and tourism operators/organisations as well as infrastructure operators /organisations (airports, sea ports and railway stations).

Detailed information concerning the Smart Border Package and the consultation as well as the link to the questionnaire are available on DG HOME website (

For additional information on the "Smart Borders Package", you can consult the background document .