EU Delegation Thanks Belarusian Participants of Children's Drawing Competition

In 2011, nearly 40 000 children from 60 countries took part in the children's drawing competition organized by the European Commission. The authors had been asked to reflect on how girls and boys, women and men together can make the world a better place. Over one hundred and sixty Belarusian students sent their drawings to the contest. The team of the EU Delegation to Belarus voted to select ten best works and then sent them to Brussels for the final selection. Over 600 drawings were submitted globally for the final selection, and although the list of 14 winners of 2011 did not include authors from Belarus, the EU Delegation wishes to thank all the Belarusian participants and hopes that the contest of 2012 will be more popular yet and that drawings of Belarusian participants will be among the winners. The authors of the ten works of 2011 sent to Brussels for the final selection will receive presents and letters of appreciation from the EU Delegation to Belarus.



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