EU Information Centres in Belarus

EUi Centre in Belarus

EUi Centre at the Belarusian State University

4 Prospect Nezavisimosti,
Room 104,
Minsk, 220050, Belarus
Tel. +375 17 209 5347
Fax: +375 17 209 5446

Contact person: Ms. Ludmila A. Katsko

The EUi Centre in Belarus was set up in 1997 under an agreement between the European Commission and the Belarusian State University. It is the only centre of this kind in Belarus. The Centre"s library has materials on the following topics: European statistics; economy; environment protection; transport policy; education in the EU, including vocational training, advanced learning, etc.; EU industry; use of energy; EU policy and law; employment; health protection; regional policy in EU member states; research, technologies and development; EU official journals. Services to customers are free of charge.

The Council of Europe"s Information Point opened in the EUi Centre in 2000. It provides information on various aspects of the Council of Europe"s work and documents.

The European Union Information Centre is set up and works on the basis of an agreement between the Belarusian State University and the Commission of European Communities to fulfil the following tasks:

  • receiving main documents published and distributed by the EU Office of Official Publications;
  • distributing information about the European Union among the general public;
  • providing access to information about projects and programmes of the European Union as well as about potential partners from the EU for international cooperation;
  • maintaining continuous contacts with the network of the EUi Centres for information exchange.
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