European Union Australia Cultural Cooperation Partners 2013

The European Commission's Directorate General for Education and Culture has selected Australia as one of two Cultural Cooperation partners for 2013, (the other country is Canada). 

European Union Australia Cultural Cooperation Partnership 2013

The successful projects have been announced, and Australian partners will collaborate in five of the selected successful projects for the 2013 Cultural Cooperation Partnerships, each receiving approx. €200,000. 

The Lemnos-Gallipoli project, involving Australia, Cyprus and Turkey, brings together artists and cultural operators examining a woman’s perspective on the impact of war on our societies. 

Weather Stations, involving Australia, Poland, Ireland and Germany, explores climate change and how, as global citizens, we might live our lives differently. press release 

Tony Birch is the Australian writer in residence, see his blog at -

Hotel Obscura, which brings together Australian, Greek and Austrian partners, offers professional development opportunities for trainee, established and emerging artists in the partner cities of Vienna, Athens, Paris, Marseille and Melbourne. 

Boomerang, involving three theatres from Europe, two from Canada and one from Australia, have joined together to work globally on the theme of Poverty and Migration. download flyer pdf - 678 KB [678 KB]

Move On aims to create a sustainable media arts lab and festival network between Europe, Canada and Australia, and brings together collaborators from France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, German, Canada and Australia. More information



Cooperation Projects aim to help cultural operators from participating European Countries  such as theatres, museums, professional associations, research centres, universities, cultural institutes and public authorities to cooperate, so that different sectors can work together and extend their cultural and artistic reach across borders.  Previous examples of such projects have ranged from promoting cultural dialogue through fashion, puppetry, and music, to photography festivals, literary projects, theatre and dance projects.

The European Union will co-finance up to half of the project costs to a maximum of €200,000 per project.  Projects must involve three cultural operators from at least three different participating European countries, together with at least one organisation in Australia. 

The starting date for successful projects is between 1 November 2013 and 31 October 2014, and the project duration is not more than 24 months.

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