The Delegation produces a number of publications, which are listed below.  In addition, European Union publications can be obtained from the EU Bookshop at

 study in europe

Study in Europe

September 2014

download pdf - 4 MB [4 MB]

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 Who do you call when you want to call Europe? - June 2014 update pdf - 732 KB [732 KB]

key facts 

 Key Facts on the EU-Australia relationship

The 2014 updated version of the booklet European Union and Australia: Key Facts, which gives an overview of facts and statistics on this very important relationship, is now available.

download pdf - 586 KB [586 KB]

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New educational booklet about the EU for 13-18 year olds

"Europe is somewhere else". This nonsensical yet provocative statement launches the first chapter of a new brochure for young adolescents. We are of course in the middle of Europe and the brochure attempts to explain what that actually means. Who runs Europe? What impact does the European Union actually have on daily lives? Where is Europe heading in a globalized world? All these questions are tackled in the brochure, using interactive features, tasks, quizzes and games, in a language appropriate for 13 to 18 olds.  Please contact if you would like copies of this booklet (in many languages)


Who do you call when you want to call Europe? - February 2014 update pdf - 858 KB [858 KB] pdf - 10 MB [10 MB]

50 years

July 2013

Celebrating 50 years: EU Australia pdf - 10 MB [10 MB]


February 2013The EU-Australia Economic Relationship pdf - 654 KB [654 KB]
January 2013Key Facts 2012 pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]
September 2012Erasmus Mundus winners 2012 pdf - 230 KB [230 KB]
February 2012Who do you call when you want to call Europe? pdf - 383 KB [383 KB]
September 2011EU-Australia Economic Relations pdf - 223 KB [223 KB]
February 2011Study in Europe 2011 pdf - 5 MB [5 MB]
February 2011European External Action Service pdf - 333 KB [333 KB]
December 2010EU Emissions Trading Scheme pdf - 786 KB [786 KB]
March 2010Partnership Framework booklet pdf - 421 KB [421 KB]
December 2009Partnership Framework pdf - 623 KB [623 KB]
December 2009Education Cooperation pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]
December 2009Lisbon Treaty pdf - 546 KB [546 KB]

The Delegation has copies of the following publications, which are also available from the Europa bookshop.

Please call our information office on +61 2 6271 2743 to obtain copies.

Europe in 12 LessonsEurope in 12 LessonsTravelling in EuropeTravelling in Europe 2011/12 coverLet's Explore Europe

Of interest also is Kids' Corner, which is available in 22 languages, and contains games, quizzes, maps, cartoons and videos about the EU.

Teachers' Corner contains resources for the classroom.