Galileo - the European GPS (13/06/2013)

Galileo – the European GPS.

Edgar Thielmann - ANU Centre for European Studies.

Thursday 27 June 2013 4.00pm – 5.30pm

The European Union is building up its own global positioning and timing system called Galileo, which is the only Global Positioning System under civil control. So far approximately 6 billion euros have been spent for the research, development and deployment of Galileo. Four operational satellites have been launched and the next two are scheduled for September 2013. In the next financial perspectives (2014–20) nearly 7 Billion Euros are reserved for this project in the EU budget. In 2004 the EU has concluded a cooperation agreement with the US indicating, among others, that the GPS and Galileo will be compatible and interoperable.

The global market for applications related to positioning and timing is estimated at around 250 billion euro in 2020. Currently 6–7 % of the GDP of the EU and even more of the US already rely on services requiring positioning and timing (such as banking, electricity networks, agriculture and road systems). For some governmental services these are key capabilities.

Edgar Thielmann, a senior official from the European Commission in Brussels, is the inaugural EU Fellow to Australia. Mr Thielmann is based at the ANU Centre for European Studies until July 2013. He has been working at management level within the European Commission on several assignments, including Humanitarian Affairs, External Relations and trans-European Networks (Energy and Transport). He has recently been responsible for the international relations, security and applications of Galileo. He will present the state of play of this EU flagship project and discuss the relevance of Galileo for Australia as well as the areas of potential cooperation. Mr Thielmann is especially interested to receive feedback on how Galileo is perceived and what added value of Galileo for Australia is recognised or expected.

Venue: ANU Centre for European Studies, 1 Liversidge Street (Bldg 67C), Canberra

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