Celebrating 50 years: EU-Australia

March 1962 marks the official beginning of EU-Australian relations.  To celebrate 50 years of this relationship, the Delegation of the European Union to Australia, together with the ANU Centre for European Studies, in 2012 held a series of public conversations between Ambassadors of the EU Member States and Australian politicians, diplomats and officials. 

50 yearsFollowing these conversations, a commemorative book was published, launched on 29 July 2013, which can be explored fully on this site.

Many people were involved in the preparation of this book - too many to name individually but our special thanks must go to the EU Member State missions, the staff and fellows of our Europe Centres (ANUCES, MEEUC and RMIT); our Radio National colleagues, and our Australian interlocutors.

The commemorative book, published by Stroudgate, can be downloaded in total, or by section. 

Download "Celebrating 50 years: EU-Australia pdf - 10 MB [10 MB] "

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Video directed and produced by Laura Clarke, Hickory Hill Productions