The first EU-Armenia Sub-committee meeting on energy, nuclear safety, transport and environment (19/10/2010)

The first EU-Armenia Sub-committee meeting on energy, nuclear safety, transport and environment will take place in Yerevan on 19 October. The establishment of this new subcommittee is a sign of the increasingly closer relations between the EU and Armenia.

The meeting will be co-chaired by Mr. Areg Galstyan, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources on the Armenian side, and by Mr. John Kjaer , Head of Unit "Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Southern Caucasus," Directorate General for External Relations on the EU side.

The subcommittee will discuss recent developments in the field of energy in Armenia and the EU, regional energy cooperation, and nuclear safety and security issues, including steps towards the decommissioning of the Medzamor nuclear power plant. The subcommittee will also review latest developments in the transport sector, developments in Armenia’s environmental policy and governance, as well as climate change and civil protection issues.

The European Union has provided continuous support to Armenia in the fields of energy, nuclear safety, transport and environment. Efforts have included rehabilitation measures and ensuring minimum safety standards for Medzamor with more than €59 million of assistance, renewable energy projects, as well as regional energy cooperation assistance through the INOGATE programme and the "Baku Initiative". In the field of transport, Armenia benefits from the TRACECA programme (Trans-European Corridor Europe Caucasus and Asia) since 1993. The EU has also actively promoted regional cooperation on environmental issues, notably through the establishment of the Regional Environmental Center for the Caucasus (REC Caucasus), as well as more recent regional projects on climate change and civil protection.


Additional information

On 22 April 1996 a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Republic of Armenia and European Union (PCA), which entered into force on 1 July 1999.

А Cooperation Committee was established according to Article 83 of the PCA. During the eleventh EU-Armenian Cooperation Committee on 17 September 2010 a decision on establishing the new subcommittee was signed. The new subcommittee provides forums to discuss key issues related to cooperation in the energy, nuclear safety, transport and environment fields.