Statement by Ambassador Ettore Sequi, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Albania regarding the anniversary of the tragic event of the 21st January 2011 (18/01/2013)


"Today it is exactly two years since I arrived in Albania on the 18th of January 2011. Three days later the 21 of January tragedy happened, which saddened me tremendously.

 As the anniversary of the tragic events of 21 January 2011 once again draws near, our thoughts are first and foremost with the families of the bereaved.  I would like on this sombre day once again to express the most heartfelt and compassionate sympathy for their loss.

 But this anniversary also pushes us to face the fact that the investigation and the judicial process addressing these events have not yet been completed. In respect for those who lost their lives, and in respect for the principle of rule of law, these processes must be concluded in a timely and independent manner. Justice must be served.

 All Albania's political leaders owe it to those whom they represent to work together to build stronger rule of law. Only by demonstrating that it has the strength to fully and properly enforce the rule of law can Albania advance towards its national goal of EU integration."