"Multi-Stakeholders consultation on the IPA II strategy for civil society support", February 2013, Brussels. (13/12/2012)

The European Commission, Directorate General for Enlargement, is launching a brainstorming exercise for drafting a strategy on civil society support within the ELARG region (Western Balkans, Turkey and Iceland). This should define areas of particular interest, general policy objectives and support methodologies common to all countries in the region for the period 2014-2020.

A multi-beneficiary event "Multi-Stakeholders consultation on the IPA II strategy for civil society support" will be held at the end of February 2013 in Brussels.

DG Enlargement strongly encourages Civil Society Organization (CSO) representatives from each of the candidate and potential candidate countries to take part in the consultation process and in the Brussels event.

The travel to/from Brussels and the accommodation costs will be covered by the P2P programme for up to 40 selected participants.

Selection of participants:

Individuals, who want to participate in the selection, should fulfil the following requirements:

A.     the candidate is a representative of a CSO active in at least one of the following sectors:

1.                   Peace and reconciliation, human rights

2.                  Minorities and vulnerable groups

3.                  Social development and social inclusion

4.                  Good governance, anticorruption, transparency

5.                  Economic development, Trade union, employment, health and safety at work

6.                  Environment, climate change, energy efficiency

7.                  Youth, gender, LGBT rights, volunteerism

8.                  Media

B.     the candidate has a thorough knowledge of her/his sector of activity and is willing to participate proactively to the formulation of general policies and strategies for the Western Balkans, Turkey and Iceland;

C.     The candidate has a good command of English.

1)         Interested individuals should complete the relevant form (link) and E-mail it to the TACSO Office Albania at info.al@tacso.org by Friday 11 January at the latest.

Participation Form msw8 - 305 KB [305 KB]