Publication of the first final results of Albania's 2011 Population and Housing Census (13/12/2012)

Tirana, 13 December 2012


The EU has provided € 8 million to the Albanian authorities to help strengthen the Albanian statistical system by supporting INSTAT in implementing the 2011 Population and Housing Census.  The launch of the first final results of Albania's 2011 Population and Housing Census today marks one of the main achievements of this EU-funded project. Since January 2010, the project team has assisted INSTAT in preparing and implementing the Population and Housing Census in order to meet European and international standards and recommendations.

This EU-funded project assisted the Albanian Institute of Statistics - INSTAT - in raising its capacities to prepare and implement censuses, data processing, analysis and dissemination.

Speaking at the Census conference, Mr François Begeot, representing the Delegation of the European Union to Albania, underlined that the 2011 Population and Housing Census carried out in October 2011 will have an important impact on decision making with regard to economic, social and regional policies. It is expected that the census data will improve the exhaustiveness and quality of statistical information available in Albania, which will enable the national authorities to better monitor activities in a range of sectors and to make better- informed policy decisions. He emphasised the need to step up efforts to further improve Albania's statistical system in  order to improve capacity to produce timely and reliable statistics.

Since 2009, the EU has dedicated about € 12 million of EU taxpayers' money to help improve the statistical system in Albania.

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