In spring 2011 the EU Delegation launched a consultation process with civil society organizations for the definition of the priorities for funding in the period 2011/2013, which is 1,5 MEUR / year, totalling 4,5 MEUR for the three/year period.

A meeting hosting more than 100 organizations discussed the general sectors to be included in the relevant Project Fiche  to be approved by the European Commission.

The following sectors were identified: justice (access to justice, fight to corruption and monitoring/improvement of living conditions in detention system), protection of vulnerable groups (disadvantaged women, children and elderly people as well as minority groups) and protection of environment.
A specific attention was also dedicated to involve in the funding process smaller organizations active in peripheral areas of the country.

Based on the priorities identified, the relevant funds for the period 2011 and 2012 (totalling 3 MEUR) were subsequently adopted by the European Commission in late 2011 and the process for allocation of contracts has been started.

In view of the approval, later this year, of the allocation of funds for 2013 (1,5 MEUR), the Delegation is now willing to have the Project Fiche revised in light of the most recent developments of the identified sectors.

We would therefore be glad to have comments from civil society organizations interested in the EU funding scheme for the revision and update of the Project Fiche.
Your comments can be sent to by 2nd April 2012.