Launching of the project SELEA established through EU assistance of € 3, 75 millions (21/02/2012)

Tirana, 20 January 2012


The European Union supports the capacity of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water Administration in Albania for law drafting and enforcement of national environmental legislation through a technical assistance project funded by IPA 2010 programme.

The overall objective is to “support the sustainable development of the country via improved environmental requirements and management by enabling Government Institutions to develop, implement and enforce environmental legislation to EU standards”. This objective is closely tied to the pre-accession process.

SELEA project will support the Government of Albania in creating the conditions for sustainable development through the:

• approximation of the environmental Acquis;
• strengthening the environmental institutions; and
• consolidation of their capacities to adapt to an evolving legal framework

During the launching of the project organized today, the Head of the Operations Section for Infrastructure and Economic Reform, Mr Francois Begeot observed that the EU Delegation in Albania, by launching this project, is standing ready to help Albania to face the many challenges that are still ahead for the country: safeguard of its natural capital,  management of solid and liquid wastes in a modern integrated manner,  cleaning-up of industrial hot-spots, ensuring water supply and sanitation, improvement of air quality in cities,  contrast deforestation; fight soil erosion and uncontrolled land use, protecting its fauna and flora.

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