The European Union (EU) Delegation to Albania (EUD Albania) has launched several social media platforms aiming at bringing the EU and its activities closer to the Albanian citizens. On these platforms you will find the latest news about the EUD Albania and its activities, speeches, events, pictures, videos, press releases, success stories from EU-funded projects in the country and other relevant information. Users can follow them and thereby share and comment on the EUD Albania's publications.
• Portal: http://eudelegationalbania.wordpress.com/
The portal of the EU Delegation to Albania (EUD Albania) features the latest news and information on the activities attended and organised by the EUD Albania. You can also find the EU Ambassador to Albania´s drafts and speeches, reports, press releases, events and other useful information. The portal provides links to the EUD Albania social media platforms that follow:

• Facebook: www.facebook.com/eu.delegation.albania
Facebook friends and followers can interact with the EUD Albania by liking, sharing and commenting on publications and posts.

• YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/eudelegationalbania
On its YouTube account, the EU Delegation to Albania uploads videos. Users can subscribe to the EUD Albania's channel and be informed about new uploaded videos.

• Twitter: www.twitter.com/EU_Albania
In this micro-blogging platform, the EUD Albania tweets the latest information about its activities, shares official EU statements and other relevant information regarding the EU and Albania.

• Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/eu-delegation-albania
On its Flickr account, the EUD Albania shares pictures of its activities, events, projects and official visits, such as conferences, thematic weeks, exhibitions and more.

• Delicious: www.delicious.com/EU_Delegation_Albania
In this social bookmarking service, the EU Delegation to Albania posts links to speeches, press releases, interviews, statements and more.

• Storify: www.storify.com/EU_Albania#stories
The EUD Albania writes on Storify stories from the field on projects implemented by the EU in the country.

• Ustream: www.ustream.tv/channel/eud-albania
Watch live events organized by the EUD Albania on this streaming TV platform.