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The EU Information Centre and the EU Information Points have been set up by the EU Delegation to Albania to bring the Union and Albania’s integration process closer to the citizens.

The EU Information Centre, located in Tirana, provides information to the Albanian public on the European Union and Albania’s integration process. The European Information Centre provides internet access, reading corners and has a broad variety of publications and official materials of the EU institutions, as well as EU bulletins, journals and other EU-related information. Visitors have free public access to all materials of the European Information Centre. To improve understanding and enrich debate on the integration process, the Centre will also host informative events with civil society actors.

Seven EU Info Points are established in the university towns of Tiranë, Elbasan, Shkodër, Durrës, Vlorë, Gjirokastër and Korçë. All together, the Centre and the Info Points will reach Albanian citizens throughout the country, will facilitate the flow of information and increase the scope of debate on European matters.

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