Enhancing coordination between AUPSC and EUPSC on conflict prevention and mediation (20/10/2015)

On 15-16 October 2015, the EU Political and Security Committee (EU PSC) met with the African Union Peace and Security Council (AU PSC) in the framework of the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership in the area of peace and security. The two-day meeting was divided into two complementary parts.

The first day constituted a Joint Retreat between the two organs to discuss the thematic areas of conflict prevention and mediation, migration and capacity-building for peace and security in Africa. The second day was reserved for the 8th Annual Joint Consultative Meeting between the EU PSC and the AU PSC and discussed specific conflict and crisis situations in Africa, such as South Sudan, Somalia, Mali/Sahel, Libya, Central African Republic and Burundi.

The meetings took place in a constructive atmosphere, which facilitated substantial exchange and a greater understanding of differing perspectives on issues. In fact, many discussions demonstrated a significant convergence of views between the EU PSC and the AU PSC, showcasing the similarities in values and approaches which guide the work of each PSC. A Joint Communique of the 8th Annual Joint Consultative Meeting between the EU PSC and the AU PSC was adopted, which reflects the productive discussions and shared perspectives of the PSCs.

Looking ahead, the EU PSC and AU PSC agreed to concretely enhance their mutual cooperation over the coming months through organising more cross-briefings to both PSCs, undertaking further joint field missions to conflict and post-conflict areas, organising joint retreats between EU and AU Special Envoys and mediators, participating in regular video teleconferences between the PSCs and mobilising support for the implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty.

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