Statement by EUSR/HoD Usackas on Europe Day (09/05/2012)

Kabul, 9 May 2012

On the occasion of Europe Day, marking the 62nd anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, the EU Special Representative and Head of the EU Delegation to Afghanistan conveyed his message of optimism to the Afghan people, stating that "the EU's engagement and presence in Afghanistan is indeed inspired by the strong sense that the general global security is basically linked to the security and stability of Afghanistan. The problems facing Afghanistan concern the whole world and we can address these issues only through concerted efforts of the entire international community together with the Afghan people. The EU will support Afghanistan for the long-term, beyond-2014".

Ambassador Usackas added that "the European Union is well placed to play an active role in supporting Afghanistan and the wider region – as it has a unique contribution to make. The European Union started off as a regional economic cooperation organisation. And whilst every region has its own needs and characteristics, it seems particularly appropriate in the current context that regional cooperation helped to transform Europe from a war-torn continent into an economic and political force. Today, as the most successful model of economic and political integration, and a region which has enjoyed peace and prosperity as a result of its interdependence, the EU shares a common vision of a stable and prosperous Afghanistan".


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