Political & economic relation

Except for consular tasks, the Delegation of the European Union to Afghanistan functions the same way as an Embassy does; it is a diplomatic mission representing the European Union (EU) to Afghanistan together with the 28 Member States of the European Union. It performs a variety of tasks aimed at enhancing relations between the EU and Afghanistan.

The Delegation's Political Affairs Section is responsible for political analysis and reporting as well as liaising with the Afghan Government on multilateral and bilateral issues of mutual interest to Afghanistan and the EU. These include subjects pertaining to diplomatic and political relations - with dialogues in the fields of development cooperation, human rights, security, inter-parliamentary relations etc. In all matters relating to the EU in Afghanistan, the Political Section works closely with the diplomatic missions of EU Member States.

Matters related to Trade and Economic Affairs are also dealt with by the Political Affairs Section Regular contacts with institutions associated with trade in addition to monitoring and analysing trade and economic developments of Afghanistan are among its core tasks.

In Afghanistan, the Head of Delegation also acts as the European Union Special Representative. The EUSR monitors and reports on political, constitutional and security developments in Afghanistan. He also ensures synergies between foreign policy, development and security components of EU engagement in the country.