“We praise EUPOL’s support to the Afghan Police” - Lieutenant General Sayed Ghafar takes a retrospective look at EUPOL's work

Kabul, December 2016: “There are two main aspects when developing a police service: first, building enduring institutions and as second, developing human capabilities. In both fields EUPOL was effective in delivering on its mandate,” says Lieutenant General Ghafar Sayedzada, Head of the Anti-Crime Department of the Ministry of Interior.” Since its establishment in 2007 EUPOL has helped to overcome some of the serious policing deficiencies in Afghanistan.”

 “EUPOL started to work with us in a time when the Ministry of Interior was faced with serious shortfalls and challenges. For example, in 2007 the Afghan National Police didn’t have even a fully running training center with a proper infrastructure,” remembers the Lieutenant General. EUPOL and the Ministry set up jointly the Police Staff College which these days offers courses in leadership and management for higher police officers. The Police Staff College, established in 2014, is today fully under Afghan management. This, according to Ghafar, constitutes a milestone for the Afghan Ministry of Interior.

 “EUPOL supported and advised us in Kabul as well as in the provinces, assisting with the development of training plans and infrastructure, and also providing advice to the senior leaders of the Afghan National Police,” tells Ghafar.

Lieutenant General Ghafar gives also practical examples from his own department, the Anti-Crime Department: “EUPOL conducted courses for our anti-crime department including organizational management, crime scene investigation, even English and computer classes. Together these courses helped us to concretely improve the capacity of our staff.”

The Lieutenant General appreciates the work done by European Union Police Mission (EUPOL) in Afghanistan during the last nine years. But challenges remain and Ghafar concludes by pointing out the need for further international cooperation when developing the capabilities of the Afghan National Police.