Kabul, October 2016.

Around 130 high-ranking officials, representatives of Afghan civil society and international organizations gathered at the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) to develop the implementation of the MoI’s Community Policing/Police-e Mardume Policy.

Security is everybody’s right. Community policing brings police and the community together to prevent crime. It increases security in Afghan society,” stated the MoI’s Deputy Minister for Administration Lieutenant General Ikramuddin Yawar in his opening speech.

Margus Kotter, EUPOL’s Deputy Head of the ANP Professionalization Unit, reminded in his speech that in community policing the Afghan police can lead the process and invite partners from the community to work together thus creating ties and trust. He pointed out that also the tactical police level must understand the strategic goals of the community policing concept – otherwise risking failure.  

Kotter defined Community Policing in following way: an organizational wide philosophy and management approach that promotes community, government and police partnerships, featuring proactive problem-solving and community engagement to address the causes of crime, fear of crime and other community issues.

Community policing reduces fear in the community. Citizens can also become more active in taking care of their community”, concurred Brigadier General Mohammad Homayoon Ayni, Head of the Community Police Department in his outline.

The MoI’s Deputy Minister for Administration Lieutenant General Ikramuddin Yawar thanked EUPOL for its efficient support to the Afghan Police in promoting community policing. EUPOL started its community policing project in 2008. EUPOL’s Acting Head of Mission Tarmo Miilits reminded that while community policing has been one of EUPOL’s main priorities, there are also several other international organizations supporting the advancement of community policing in Afghanistan.

The Community policing/Police-e Mardume concept is furthermore a useful tool for transforming the Afghan police to a professional police organization separating high-quality police forces from military troops.

As an outcome of the conference the Afghan Ministry of Interior decided to establish a strategic level Coordination Board for overall activities of community policing.  The board will ensure greater coherence in the implementation of community policing policies. It will furthermore provide a permanent strategic level forum for the MoIA/police and their most important partners from the Afghan community.