Close cooperation, commitment and communication in community policing

International community policing advisors gathered at EUPOL HQ to coordinate steps ahead

International organizations responded to the invitation of EUPOL and sent their community policing advisors to seek synergies for their work in Afghanistan. “We need cooperation, commitment and communication” underlined Margus Kotter, deputy head of EUPOL’s ANP Professionalization and Training Component” Positive progress implementing Community Policing, Police-e Mardume (PeM) concept in Afghanistan necessitates cooperation and coordination between the different stakeholders”.

The promotion of community policing in Afghanistan has been one of EUPOL’s main priorities. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Human Settlements Program, the German Organization for International Cooperation GIZ, the Norwegian University’s Community Police Program and the British-Afghan SSMI undertook together with EUPOL an analysis of their current and common activities and efforts.

EUPOL has gained recognition from other actors for its expertise and its significant contribution to the implementing of the concept of community policing in Afghanistan.