Laying the groundwork for the future ANP

Kabul, September 2016. The EUPOL Head of Mission hosted representatives from the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) at EUPOL HQ to discuss the process of setting in motion the decisions made during their jointly organised two-day Conference on the Future of Policing in Afghanistan in August.

EUPOL and the MoI sought to capitalise on the constructive conference discussions on shaping the Afghan National Police (ANP) of the future ­– which were marked by consensus on key issues such as the continued need to recruit and retain competent female police officers as well as provide both a safe working environment for them and capacity building programs.

ANP ten-year vision in focus

In the wake of the conference, the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs pledged to enhance cooperation and coordination between different security institutions, emphasise the role of the ANP as an important part of the judicial process, advance police integrity through anti-corruption, accountability and transparency measures and promote short- and long-term ANP organisational development based on the ten-year vision of the national police plan, among others.

“The conference was a clear example of female police officers making their voices heard, something we can both be proud of,” underlined the MoI’s Chief of Staff Major General Rahimullah Borhani during the follow-up discussions with EUPOL.

“Without the full participation of female police, our police force will not be able to function efficiently,” reaffirmed the MoI’s Deputy Minister for Administration Lieutenant General Ikramuddin Yawar.


The MoI revealed that a commission which will be entrusted with dealing with problems faced by female police at both the central and provincial levels is in the pipeline. Anti-corruption investigations are also currently ongoing.

The EUPOL Head of Mission Ms. Pia Stjernvall lauded the continued commitment of and cooperation with the MoI in laying the groundwork for the ANP of the future: “I am pleased to note that, as a result of the conference, the MoI has already taken some actions to help shape civilian policing in Afghanistan in the time ahead.”