Leadership training for the Afghan MoI on course
Afghan police leaders advanced their strategic management skills

Kabul, August 2016. A set of three training courses, organized by EUPOL, progressively develops the strategic leadership and management skills of senior Afghan police officers. A four-day Train the Trainer course united 30 high-ranking officers from the Afghan Police Staff College for the second module of the specialized and demanding training this week.

Practical leadership knowledge

The Train the Trainer course promotes the development of Afghan police leadership and is in line with the reform process that the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) has undertaken in the past few years. The course drives forward the skillful management of resources within the MoI, which is essential for the sustainability of the Afghan National Police (ANP). The curriculum focuses on practical knowledge through group exercises which require participants to find answers to various strategic and technical issues, such as methods on developing police training in Afghanistan. The first module was organized in May.

Knowledge sharing

In conducting the training, Mr. Erik Rüütel, a visiting expert on strategic leadership from the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences discussed the principles of higher management and leadership with the Afghan police officers, urging them to not only routinely share the knowledge they have acquired but also champion merit-based recruitment.

He described the training as a mutual learning experience. “I am impressed by both your motivation to learn new things and how you have incorporated the course content in the practical exercises. I hope you can take what you have learned and use it properly so that we all benefit out of it,” he said.

Mr. Tarmo Miilits, EUPOL Acting Head of Mission handed out certificates to the course participants and addressed them saying: “This was a dynamic, interactive course and I am sure that this training has already brought a valuable contribution to improving the leadership skills of the senior management of the Afghan MoI.”

‘First steps’

Colonel Gul Mohammad Shegewal, a teacher of Leadership and Management at the Afghan Police Staff College, praised the course set-up. “We have learned how to prepare, implement and evaluate strategies in order to achieve our long-term organizational objectives.”

We, the course participants, will drive this leadership training forward in Afghanistan ourselves and we have now taken the first steps, which are the most difficult ones,” he noted.

Full transfer to the Afghans

EUPOL will host the third and final part of the Train the Trainer course in October 2016, after which the leadership program will be fully transferred to the Afghans who will conduct it in the future.

Margus Kotter, Deputy Head of the ANP Professionalization and Training Component at EUPOL expressed satisfaction at the impressive progress made by the course participants: “You are expected to deliver your first pilot course on Strategic Leadership Skills Development in the coming months and I am confident that you will do it well,” he said.