“I will serve Afghanistan until my last breath!”

Kabul, August 2016. 46 Afghan Fire and Disaster Police officers received certificates of appreciation following their professional participation in a recent crisis simulation exercise aimed at improving the Afghan Ministry of Interior’s (MoI) Crisis Management Capabilities.

For the past decade, different crisis situations have posed some of the greatest challenges to Afghanistan, requiring the Afghan MoI to take timely measures to efficiently deal with them.

Following the approval of its Crisis Management Policy, the MoI drafted a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for facilitating its implementation, and EUPOL’s experts have continuously provided advice to their Afghan counterparts on how to put it into practice when dealing with crisis situations.

Visualization of crisis situations

As part of EUPOL’s activities, one tabletop training exercise was conducted with support from a visiting Swedish expert, with Fire and Disaster Police officers playing a crucial role in helping to visualize various crisis situations through simulation exercises which were filmed. The filmed material was subsequently made available to the MoI to be used in the upgrading of training skills.

EUPOL support in Crisis Management

Margus Kotter, Deputy Head of the Afghan National Police Professionalization and Training Component at EUPOL praised the commitment of the Kabul Directorate for Fire and Disaster. “Afghanistan has experienced many crisis situations lately, which is not good for the country, but by responding to them, you improved your skills and made yourselves more professional.”

EUPOL has supported the Afghan MoI at a strategic level in order to develop its capacity to manage crises through advisory sessions, workshops, seminars, courses, projects and conferences, leading to an increased MoI ability to handle crisis situations.

Continued service to Afghanistan

The members of the Afghan Fire and Disaster Police who received certificates expressed gratitude for this sign of recognition from EUPOL and vowed to continue serving their country. “I will serve Afghanistan until my last breath!” they each pledged.

For his part, General Mahbob Amiri, the Head of the Kabul Directorate for Fire and Disaster noted, “We, as high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan are deeply thankful to the cooperation and support of EUPOL to the Afghan National Police, especially to the Fire and Disaster Directorate. Their valuable strategic advice has helped us to improve the capabilities of the Fire and Disaster Police.”