Police Staff College: another milestone achieved

Kabul, July 2016. The inauguration of the Master’s Programme for Afghan National Police teachers marks another milestone in the positive development of the Afghan Police Staff College. This event coincided with the graduation ceremony of the largest ever Captain to Major Promotion Course with over 400 officers. VIP-guests included the Afghan Minister of Interior Mr. Taj Mohammad Jahed, Deputy Interior Minister for Administration Lieutenant General Ikramuddin Yawar, as well as members of the upper and lower houses and police generals. Head of EUPOL Ms. Pia Stjernvall represented the European Union at this event.

Master’s Programme to form highly-educated police officers

The new Master’s Department within the Police Staff College will focus on enhancing the education of ANP teachers from the Afghan National Police Academy, the Crime Management College and the Police Staff College. Minister of Interior Mr. Jahed while congratulating the new graduates, stated: “It is with great pleasure that we witness a big achievement today. The master’s programme will enable the police leaders to overcome the current challenges and ensure better security for the citizens within the framework of law. However, this is not enough. We should encourage the entire Afghan National Police to seek further education. The Ministry of Interior will lead this process. We remain committed to supporting the training and education of the ANP.”

Promotion courses train professional police leaders

At the same event 428 students graduated from a six-month Captain to Major Promotion Course. The Head of Police Staff College, Major General Sebghatullah Saiq addressed the new graduates in his opening speech: “You will be the future police leaders. As you became majors now, you should lead your units. Your behaviour as professional police officers will bring contentment to the people, which will ultimately end up in legitimacy and stability of the government system.” According to the Major General Saiq, during the last five years, 7,225 ANP officers have graduated from different courses provided by the Police Staff College. Out of them, 3886 graduated from the Captain to Major Promotion Courses.

Recognising the value of EUPOL activities

The Afghan Minister of Interior handed Ms. Pia Stjernvall a certificate of appreciation for EUPOL’s support to the Afghan Police Staff College. Minister Jahed expressed his gratitude to the Head of Mission for the work of the EUPOL mission in establishing, supporting and developing the Police Staff College. The College, which continues to evolve with the objective of becoming a national centre of excellence for ANP, was conceived 2010 by EUPOL in partnership with the Afghan Ministry of Interior. The funding was provided entirely by the European Union. The College, since 2014 entirely under Afghan management, provides today a wide range of specialised training in leadership, management and human rights awareness.