Effective management through monitoring and evaluation - Series of seminars at EUPOL HQ

Kabul, July 2016. Staff members from the Afghan Ministry of Interior’s General Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation developed their skills in three seminars which were conducted at EUPOL HQ.

The Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) leads, develops and supervises the national police forces. Effective leadership and management is not possible without proper monitoring and evaluation. The General Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation was inaugurated in 2015 within the MoI to promote effective management of the ministry and the police forces. EUPOL supported actively the establishment of the General Directorate.

In her opening speech at the seminar, Ms. Pia Stjernvall, the EUPOL Head of Mission, underlined the importance of the General Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation and of capacity building seminars. “After this seminar, you are expected to train your colleagues and conduct such seminar by yourselves”, she motivated the trainees.

“Monitoring and evaluation is one of the most important tools, it is not only a mean for providing information but also for achieving effective management control”, underlined, Mr. Zia Assey,  General Director of the M&E Directorate. “Accurate and timely monitoring of projects indicate the amount of allocated funds which have actually been spent on activities in the field.”

While acknowledging the challenges of monitoring and evaluation, the General Director expressed his confidence in the utility of such training for the development of Afghan capacities.

The EUPOL Senior Educational Expert on M&E Mr. Svend Dissing expressed his satisfaction with the motivation of the participants and confirmed the commitment of EUPOL to conduct more seminars in upcoming months to enlarge the pool of trained ministerial staff.

The fact that advanced skills in monitoring and evaluation are developed within the Afghan Ministry of Interior is one indicator of the progress Afghanistan has taken since the fall of the Taliban regime.