EUPOL Head of Mission Met the Minister of Interior

Kabul, July 2016. The EUPOL Head of Mission Ms. Pia Stjernvall and the EUPOL Head of Ministry of Interior (MoI) Reform Mr. Phillip Haynes and Head of Afghan National Police (ANP) Training and Professionalisation Mr. John Mulcahy met the Afghan Minister of Interior Mr. Taj Muhammad Jahed in his office.

During this meeting, both sides discussed various issues in terms of police development and capacity building. Commenting on the work of EUPOL in terms of police reform and training and professionalisation, Mr. Jahed stated: “Thanks to the prolonged technical support from EUPOL and specifically the commitment and professionalism of its advisors, the ANP is increasingly becoming a more capable, more professional and more sustainable police service.”

The EUPOL Head of Mission, while reiterating EUPOL’s commitment in terms of strategic advising to the MoI stated: “EUPOL supports the MoI to build strong and sustainable civilian police in Afghanistan that protects the citizens and works within the framework of law and respects human rights.” In addition to that, Ms. Stjernvall has also stated community policing, oversight of the ANP, recruitment, working conditions and deployment of female police should remain important priorities for the MoI and EUPOL is committed to support this effort now and in the future.

Photos: Afghan Ministry of Interior