Discussing the Upcoming Female Police Conference

Kabul, May 2016. The EUPOL Head of Mission Ms. Pia Stjernvall invited Brigadier General Hekmat Shahi Rasooli, the Head of Human Rights, Women and Children Affairs within the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Ms. Fawzia Koofi, a Member of Afghan Parliament and Ms. Sima Samar, the Head of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission for a working lunch to discuss the upcoming Female Police Conference.

The conference is due to take place in the coming months. All agreed that the conference should promote the Afghan female police and focus on important issues such as creating a safer environment and the setup of a fair promotion system for them. In addition, the retention and recruitment of female police was also discussed and to be included in the conference’s agenda.

EUPOL is committed to supporting the upcoming female police conference and mainstreaming gender and Human Rights within the MoI.