EUPOL Medal Parade: Honouring EUPOL members

Kabul, May 2016. 15 EUPOL mission members were honoured by being presented with the European Union Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) medals for their service at a medal parade which took place at EUPOL HQ. 

Deputy Interior Minister for Policy and Strategy Mr. Masood Ahmad Azizi, European ambassadors, Afghan high-ranking generals and other national and international counterparts took part in the parade. EUPOL Head of Mission, Ms. Pia Stjernvall awarded the medals to the EUPOL police, justice and civilian experts who served in Afghanistan by supporting the people of Afghanistan, especially the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Afghan National Police (ANP) through the mission.

While congratulating the mission members for receiving medals, Ms. Stjernvall stated: “Today, our colleagues will receive the CSDP service medals for their service. I am proud of leading talented and committed justice, police and civilian experts who advised and supported our Afghan partners in terms of police reform, civilian policing and mainstreaming human rights.”

During his speech, Mr. Azizi thanked the EUPOL mission and its members for the ongoing commitment in terms of strengthening a civilian police service in Afghanistan. “We know that it is a great challenge in this current environment, but we also know that it is critical for lasting peace. I would like to personally thank all of you for your perseverance as you support and advocate for civilian policing and improvements in rule of law during these challenging times”, stated Mr. Azizi.

Ms. Stjernvall also stated that the mission is aware that all EUPOL members perform their duty in a very challenging environment. “I appreciate your professionalism and service. I take this opportunity to honour all of you, both Afghan and international EUPOL members, for having served in this Mission”, stated Ms. Stjernvall.

Mr. Azizi has also awarded the Afghan National Police Symbol of Honour and medals to two EUPOL staff members Anthony Thomas, the MoI Senior Reform Advisor and Reinis Janevics, Senior CID Expert, for their extraordinary services to the Afghan police and MoI. In addition to that, Brigadier General Humayoon Ainee, MoI’s Head of Community Policing awarded an ANP Medal of Honour to Tommy Wik, the EUPOL Community and Command Team Leader for his services in terms of community policing in Afghanistan.

Mr. Azizi also stated that the ANP needs EUPOL’s continuous support: “We continue to need your support and I look forward to working together with EUPOL through this year’s transition to make sure that Afghanistan continues to have access to technical advisory support from our European police counterparts.”

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