The Afghan police managers practice their response to crisis situations

Kabul, May 2016. In the last decade, crisis has been a constant presence in the Afghan society, requiring the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) to use timely legal measures to manage crisis situations. The MoI is the institution in charge of preserving the law in Afghanistan and is entitled to take appropriate, professional and accountable measures in crisis situations. To avoid an ad hoc response, the MoI has taken necessary steps to plan their procedures and actions beforehand. Throughout 2015, in close cooperation with EUPOL advisers, experts from the Afghan Ministry of Interior drafted the MoI Crisis Management Policy, a strategic document which embeds the process of addressing crisis, which came into force in January 2016.

Following the approval of the Crisis Management Policy, the MoI designed a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for implementing this important document. EUPOL’s experts provided advice to their Afghan counterparts on how to put it into practice and make use of it when dealing with crisis situations. As part of EUPOL support, a tabletop exercise was conducted within EUPOL premises and the draft SOP was used to solve a scenario based crisis situation.

The exercise was run by 13 MoI Afghan counterparts, five holding strategic positions within MoI, such us:  General Abdul Zia Kohistani, the MoI Inspector General, General Najibullah Aman, the Deputy Head of Counterterrorism Department, General Tajuddin Noor, the Deputy Head of Disaster Police and Fire Department, General Akbar Abdulrahimzai, the Head of Tashkeel Force Management and General Zaman Ahmadyar, the  Head of Financial and Technical Policy Department.

The participants were pleased with the outcome of the table top exercise which enabled them to identify possible necessary adjustments to the draft SOP of the Crisis Management Policy.