EUPOL remembers Mic Hampshire

Kabul, 17 May, 2016. EUPOL Afghanistan paid today tribute to close protection team leader Michael ‘Mic’ Hampshire who was killed in line of duty this day last year.

I will always remember Mic’s smile and his friendliness”, says Pia Stjernvall, head of EUPOL Afghanistan. “His calmness and professionalism was highly appreciated by us, the people he protected.

A EUPOL vehicle was hit on 17 May 2015 in Kabul by a suicide-bomber. Two EUPOL experts travelling in the vehicle survived the attack without any physical injuries, but Mic lost his life in the terrorist attack.

The police experts of EUPOL advise their Afghan colleagues on the development of a sustainable civilian Afghan National Police. This work is not possible in Kabul without the support of professional bodyguards.

Mic’s memory gives us permanent impetus to continue our work”, Pia Stjernvall contemplates, “There is no sustainable peace in Afghanistan without proper civilian policing.”

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