Female police officers enable efficient policing

Kabul, May 2016. Female Afghan VIPs met male dignitaries of Kabul’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) to discuss how to promote female policing.

The event, organized by the head of EUPOL Afghanistan Pia Stjernvall, brought together celebrities like Nobel prize nominee and chairperson of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission Dr. Sima Samar and Members of Parliament Fawzia Koofi and Nazifa Zaki to a fruitful discussion with distinguished notables of the MoI like the Deputy Minister for Administration Lieutenant General Ikramuddin Yawar, the Head of Human Rights and Childs Rights Department Hekmat Shahi, Deputy Chief of Staff Gul Gutaj, the ministry’s spokesman Sediq Sediqqi as well as the Head of Foreign Relations Department Abdul Muqsem Abdul Rahimzai.

Lieutenant General Ikramuddin Yawar brought the official greetings of the Ministry of Interior to the event. He told of the plans of the MoI to raise the number of trained female police officers from the current 2,300 to 5,000.

The discussion brought forth how policing has evolved over time. While physical strength was crucial in the past, modern policing demands excellent conflict-resolution and interpersonal skills of police officers. These days also a good ethical character and high intelligence are necessary conditions for successful policing. For law enforcement agencies to be efficient female police officers are needed at all levels of the organization. Women and children constitute the greater part of every population. No efficient reach-out by a police force to this majority is possible without a sufficient number of trained female police officers.

In early autumn EUPOL Afghanistan will organize a high-level seminar to follow-up on the topic of female policing, which is fundamental for the successful development of the Afghan National Police.