E-Tashkeel helps to reduce bureaucracy

Kabul, April 2016. Technology, databases and computer software are just tools but sometimes they can really make a difference.  Second Lieutenant Zohrullah Stanekzai, Head of personnel at Kabul Police District 9 is definitely satisfied with the modern technology and the E-Tashkeel database (Electronic Staffing System) of the Ministry of Interior (MoI): “The MoI is now equipped with modern technologies, especially the E-Tashkeel, which is a sophisticated system where every single policeman’s details, including all the equipment which has been assigned to her/him, are registered.”

“Furthermore, the salaries are paid through Electronic Payment System (EPS) on time. I believe that all the computerised databases and systems have made it possible for us to add the transparency of our administration”, Stanekzai continues.

The MoI E-Tashkeel is the backbone of the MoI to deal with recruitment, background information and job descriptions. As Second Lieutenant Satnekzai says: “The computerised system has enabled us to keep standard records of the personnel within the MoI and now every single change is registered automatically in the system which help us to avoid unnecessary paperwork and reduce bureaucracy.”

“With E-Tashkeel database system we can have transparent promotion, retirement and weapon registration system as well as accurate statistics which can help us to have the clear data incase if any police officer quit his job”, states Satnekzai.

E- Tashkeel database was set up by the MoI with the support of EUPOL.