A civil society campaign supports cooperation between citizens and the police

A former Member of Parliament (Wolesi Jirga), Ms Farkhunda Zahra Naderi who has launched a campaign to support the Afghan police, visited EUPOL on 14 April. The campaign named “Citizens and Police Complements Each Other” aims to attract public support for the Afghan security forces. Ms. Naderi explains that good cooperation between the police and the citizens would make it impossible for the criminals to achieve the results they are looking for, to create disturbance and kill people as they do now. Naderi emphasizes the importance of coordination and contacts between neighbors as well as between the police and the citizens. People should also have better understanding regarding their responsibilities and rights and the rights and responsibilities of the government.

EUPOL’s Head of Mission, Ms. Pia Stjernvall, welcomed the initiative of Ms. Naderi which is very much in line with EUPOL’s efforts to support civilian policing and community policing in particular. “I’m delighted to see this purely Afghan initiative to enhance the cooperation between the police and the citizens. EUPOL fully support the goals of the campaign launched by Farkhunda Naderi and, at the same time, we will continue our efforts to spread the message about the benefits of community policing approach and we support the capacity building in this area as well”, said Stjernvall.