Anti-Corruption Workshop Fostering Police-Prosecutors Cooperation

Kabul, April 2016. An Afghan-led workshop was held to promote cooperation between the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) Inspector General’s Office, in charge of tackling corruption inside the MoI and the Military Anti-Corruption Unit within the Attorney General Office (AGO). The workshop was attended by the Inspector General, Major General Rahimullah Borhani and Lieutenant General Ranjbar, representing the AGO along with thirty other senior staff from both units. Each agency delivered a presentation of their activities, outlining the challenges and expressing their concerns with regards to the investigation and prosecution workflow of corruption cases. The workshop was followed by an open session of questions and talking points, moderated by the EUPOL advisers.

EUPOL Head of Mission, Ms. Pia Stjernvall stressed the importance of cooperation between the police and the prosecutors and said it has a great significance for the progress of the Afghan Justice system: “As president Ghani said, this year is dedicated to the fight against corruption. Thus, we all have to work together towards eradicating corruption from Afghanistan”, stated Ms. Stjernvall. 

The Inspector General Rahimullah said: “Corruption is a hindrance in the development of our country. However, the fight against corruption has further enhanced and comes under MoI’s priorities. Despite the achievements, we need to put much more effort into advancing the cooperation between the MoI and the AGO.”

Meanwhile, Lieutenant General Ghulam Dastagir Ranjbar, the General Director of the AGO’s Anti-Corruption Unit stated: “Corruption is the result of the lengthy crisis which Afghanistan has been facing during the last 30 years. The justice system has not been able to overcome key structural challenges like corruption and illegal interference of powerful political figures. Despite the efforts made towards reforming Afghanistan’s judicial system, corruption has always had a negative impact on our society.” 

EUPOL Anti-Corruption Advisor Michael Holdsworth said: “Police - prosecutor cooperation has always been one of EUPOL’s key priorities. Today’s workshop aims at promoting this cooperation and support to the MoI’s and AGO’s Standard Operating Procedures, which awaits both ministerial and AGO approval. We were genuinely pleased with the open and honest debate and look forward to future meetings and improved partnership working sessions.”

The workshop offered the possibility for the participants to envisage and plan future Afghan-led monthly cooperation meetings, chaired by both the MoI and AGO.