MoI officers meet the international community to enhance coordination and cooperation

Kabul, March 2016. The General Directorate for International Cooperation (GDIC), established within the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI), took over the responsibilities of the International Police Coordination Board (IPCB) Secretariat in September 2015. On 15 March, the GDIC organized a monthly meeting where senior officers from the MoI met with representatives of the international community to provide recommendations to the IPCB board and instructions to the IPCB working groups, such as the Senior Police Advisory Group.

The IPCB representatives together with senior officers from the MoI attended the meeting which was chaired by Deputy Minister (DM) for Policy and Strategy, Masood Ahmad Azizi, and co-chaired by Deputy Head of the German Police Project Team (GPPT), Jurgen Griesing. The discussions focused on MoI’s capacity building, especially in the areas of crisis management and leadership. While the MoI brought forward various challenges mainly related to staffing and resources, the international community presented its capability to respond to these gaps. It was suggested that joint ad hoc working groups of Afghan and international experts should be established to discuss and identify solutions to these specific challenges.

DM Azizi stated: “We are grateful for the strong support we receive from the International Community. This is critical time for the MoI to take responsibility for the coordination of the international assistance and use the IPCB mechanism to support the MoI’s strategic priorities”. Furthermore, DM Azizi underlined the importance of the cooperation with the international partners towards more effective and professionalized Afghan National Police.

According to EUPOL’s Acting Head of Mission Tarmo Miilits, the meeting demonstrated that the MoI has the capacity to steer international coordination efforts. “I would like to congratulate the MoI and in particular the Acting General Director of the GDIC, Mr. Mujtaba Mastoor, for his efforts to drive forward international cooperation. He has done a lot to identify the needs and priorities of the MoI and to communicate them to the International Community in Afghanistan”, said Tarmo Miilits.