Intel seminar discussed MoI Development Plan and more effective use of intelligence

Kabul, February 2016. Eradicating organized crimes is a major challenge for the Afghan National Police, and to reach this goal, gathering, evaluation and sharing of data and intelligence is of utmost importance. The efforts of Intelligence Directorate of Ministry of Interior (MoI), have brought some progress in this area but naturally there is still a lot of work to do regarding the intelligence led policing.

EUPOL Afghanistan Intel Team had organized a one-day Intel Seminar on 23 February at the EUPOL Headquarters. Primarily the discussions would surround the new Ministry of Interior Development Plan (MDP) for the first six months of 2016, related to the use of intelligence with specific emphasis on further cooperation with Afghan Police Defense Special Forces, expansion of National Information Management System and the official aim to support the Afghan Police Intelligence Model in all facets.

The seminar was attended by Directorate of Police Intelligence (DPI), National Target Exploitation Center, Operations Intelligence Unit, Police Intelligence Training Centre, Afghan National Civil Order Police and Afghan Border Police. However several nonrelated circumstances interfered with the agenda which meant that the seminar had to be cut shorter than planned and not all the invited partners were able to attend.

Deputy Chief of DPI Fraidoon Imami opened the discussion with his view on the MDP and the challenges which needs to be dealt with in order to reach the objectives. Each department was then given the opportunity to air their view on the future development as well, and combined with the following discussions the participants were left with an overview of the immediate challenges, some of which will be addressed by the EUPOL Intel Team in the future.