Two undaunted ladies from the Crime Management College

Two female police officers working in the Crime Management Collage (CrMC) recently visited EUPOL to discuss about issues related to the work and challenges of the female police staff. EUPOL advisers informed them about the Female Police Councils and provided with the Female Police Councils’ Code of Conduct. They were advised to join the network and inform their female colleagues about it.

At the same time, the meeting offered an excellent opportunity for the EUPOL experts to meet young female police officers face to face, discuss and hear about their experiences during the first steps of their career. The challenges often begin already at home before joining the police: “Many Afghan families don’t want their daughters to join the police force. So, in order to increase the presence of women within Afghanistan National Police, there is serious need to change the mentality of the men”, says Second Lieutenant Hajar.

Ms. Hajar graduated Sivas Police Academy in February 2015 and was assigned in CrMC two months later, in April. The beginning was not easy: some male students were even throwing stones at her because they were not used to females wearing police uniform but through her commitment and hard work, she managed to change their mentality and now Hajar, who is also a karate trainer, feels more accepted in her work place.

Seema Gul graduated from Sivas Police Academy in December 2015 and was assigned in CrMC in January 2016. She enjoyed the training, especially the driving lessons, in Sivas Police Academy, Turkey. However, also Ms. Gul has learned that the expectations for the female police officers are not always very high: “Some of my male colleagues are intrigued by the fact that I can read and write and even use a computer.”